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Harley Perdue

Graphic Designer

Driven by intentionality and function, Harley Perdue creates dynamic print and digital design pieces for BREAD’s Marketing Department. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in 2018, Perdue began working with BREAD as a graphic designer. Perdue’s attention to detail, skill, and expertise propels projects forward, and her presence on the creative team is crucial. Over her time at BREAD, Perdue has fulfilled the roles of brand developer, user interface designer, and graphic designer, and her knowledge of the industry continues to grow, as she now leads the large-scale merchandising and print production for all BREAD marketing clients. “I want to do right by our clients, and for me, that means making sure every digital and printed item matches perfectly with the overall brand and design,” said Perdue. Her deep appreciation of design elements, like typography, allows her to make choices that matter to the meaning and message of the designs. “I love the precision, process, and nuance that goes into making each piece.”

Perdue is a hands-on creative outside the office as well, as she works in her personal ceramics studio throwing and glazing pottery in her spare time. The Laurel native can also be seen as a homeowner on HGTV’s Hometown.