Abigail Slocum
Social Media Manager
An arts and tech enthusiast with a strong sales and leadership background, Abigail Slocum is a crucial part of BREAD’s social media team. A social butterfly herself, Abigail interacts with clients to discern their goals, creates strategies that help clients reach key performance indicators, and works with the BREAD team to develop engaging and dynamic content across a multitude of platforms.

Abigail has nearly a decade of work experience in sales and leadership, and she has carried those skills into her role as a social media manager. In recent years, she has developed content for over 20 businesses and has managed over 150 Facebook business pages. At BREAD, Abigail finds fulfillment in developing and deploying social media with intentionality. “Here, we build magnetic social content based on storytelling and philosophical brand,” Abigail said. “It’s about more than growing a following. It’s about creating and maintaining online communities that stay true to their brand and their mission.”

When she isn’t helping BREAD clients win, Abigail enjoys painting, drawing, listening to music, playing video games, and spending time with her husband and their five (!) cats. She is social, vibrant, and excited about the power social media has to make life richer. “Social media is meant to be exciting,” she said. “I want businesses to be excited to work with BREAD to bring their ideas to life.”