David Day
Web Developer

A husband, father, and avid problem-solver, David Day develops, maintains, and secures beautiful, functional websites for our BREAD clients. David, who works within our robust website security monitoring system, is BREAD’s secret weapon for keeping our hosted sites healthy and strong. “When your website goes live, you want to know it’s safe and functioning well,” David said. “At BREAD, we take ownership in the websites we host and do everything we can to monitor them and keep them safe from threats.”

For David, web development allows him to serve others. “It excites me the most to know that I can be a part of making other people successful through web development,” he said.

“Making others successful is a calling to love our neighbors and the community that we live in, which in turn instills trust and confidence that we do what we do for the good of other people.” David develops websites that are intuitive and useful, and he takes pride in making the Internet a more vibrant community. “I love making the web a better place! Anyone can develop a website. But using the skills you have and always willing to keep learning, helps the web to be more and more usable for everyone,” he said.

Since David received his B.S. in Business Administration and Management Administration Systems, he has worked in several web development and communications positions over the course of his career. David’s capabilities include several web-based languages, CMS platforms, and tools that allow him to develop websites that help our clients reach the right audiences and grow.

An avid runner who enjoys Crossfit, David enjoys spending time with his family and working on outdoor projects in their yard.