Haley Ford Harrison
Brand Design Director

A visual and verbal artist with a heart for people and a mind for businesses, Haley Ford Harrison directs the design team here at BREAD. Haley joined our team as a graphic designer and brand designer in 2017, and since then she has evolved as an artist and employee. Haley is passionate about engaging with our team to create thoughtful, robust brands that tell magnetic stories and spark community connection. Haley can do it all, and she does it best when she’s working with our design department to build functional, winning brands across a variety of philosophical, visual, physical, and digital platforms. “I love designing, yes, but I also enjoy getting to know a client, taking in every element of their story, then working with them to bring that story to life,” Haley said, “It’s amazing what happens when our entire team engages with a project. We help make ideas into living, breathing brands.”