Laura Ficken
Account Manager

A Hattiesburg native with a heart for culture, education, and community, Laura Ficken applies her experience in the classroom, the mission field, and the boardroom to help make Bread projects exceptional. Ficken received her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Mississippi State University, then went on to earn her Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Southern Mississippi. An avid reader, writer, and collaborator, Ficken taught high school English in both public and private school settings for several years. “So much of the creative branding process involves learning,” Ficken said. “I am excited to use the same educational and collaborative principles I employed in the classroom to help our clients discover and embrace their values.”

Ficken’s passion for people, travel, and culture led her to serve as a training operator and leadership team member for the World Race, an 11-month international missions program offered by the nonprofit Adventures in Missions. Additionally, she served as a project manager for Adventures in Missions. From the mission field to the home field, Ficken brings her international experiences and influences home to Bread in Hattiesburg. “One thing that international travel taught me is that cultural diversity is a gift from God. We weren’t created to all be the same! Different people groups have different customs, rituals, and values,” Ficken said. “Brands and local communities aren’t so different. My job is to help brands unearth and celebrate the values that make them unique.”

Since moving back to Hattiesburg in 2019, after years of international travel and service, Ficken looks forward to celebrating all the incredible Bread businesses and brands in the local community. “Hattiesburg is a special place full of go-getters and change-makers,” Ficken said. “I’m here to support them, as well as the Bread team, as we creatively solve problems and grow together.”