Lindsey Schwaner
Director of Operations & Marketing
A former collegiate athlete and team captain, Lindsey Schwaner has a powerful perspective on BREAD’s entire field of projects. As BREAD’s Director of Operations & Marketing, Lindsey fine-tunes and coordinates our departmental and organizational functions and oversees the KPIs for our clients’ marketing initiatives. Ultimately, Lindsey’s executes internal operations and winning market strategies. “For me, it’s about our team and making them feel valued,” Lindsey said. “When we prioritize our team, our clients reap those benefits, and our projects yield exceptional results.”

Lindsey graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s degree in public relations and possesses nearly a decade of experience in the marketing profession. An official member of the Forbes Communication Council, Lindsey enjoys building relationships with and learning from other industry experts and executives, then using those connections and insights to better serve BREAD’s team and clients. “Operations and marketing can’t happen without people,” Lindsey said. “Our people are our greatest asset and our highest purpose, so we want to build an operational structure that empowers the people who work here and the people and communities we serve. In the end, that’s what will help our clients grow and win.”