Shelby Jones
Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Shelby Jones serves Bread and its clients by ensuring that tasks are completed, processes are efficient, and service is prioritized. Shelby works with our other project managers to address the details of each project and give our clients the level of attention they deserve. A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, Shelby worked in the world of kinesiology and physical therapy before joining the team at Bread. Although the medical and creative fields may seem like polar opposites, Shelby believes that her experience with patient care has equipped her to treat projects and people with the utmost respect and urgency. “When I was caring for patients, I wanted to make sure they knew how invested I was in their health,” Shelby said. “Now, at Bread, I strive to care for our team and our clients in that same way.”

An incredible baker and dog mom, Shelby enjoys spending time with her husband, Ben. The two of them were married at the same chapel where famed Mississippi blues musician Robert Johnson is supposedly buried.