Vincent McMurtery
Marketing Content Strategist and Creator
A passionate creative with a love for storytelling, Vincent McMurtery collaborates with clients and the rest of the BREAD team to create dynamic, brand-first content that wins in digital space. Vincent graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in entertainment production and management, and he has several years of production experience in both the full-time and freelance worlds. At BREAD, you’ll find Vincent researching client-specific industry trends, storyboarding concepts, traveling to capture footage, editing videos, and tracking content success.

Vincent believes that content creation can enrich brand presence and help organizations attract and retain loyal audiences. “The word content can feel so empty and endless until we consider just what it does for the story of a brand,” Vincent said. “Content doesn’t just take up space; it defines your voice. It celebrates your people. It illuminates your story. Overall, it’s an opportunity to connect with your audience.”

Outside of BREAD, you can find Vincent directing, producing and collaborating with various artists, engineers, and creators as well as spending time with his wife, Reagan.