Do you feel as if your world changed overnight? How are you coping? Are you living in disorder and in need of help? Are you still trying to function under your pre-COVID settings? Are you anxious, irritable, and stressed? We want to help you reorder your life for today.

Never tried organizational therapy? Never tried therapy at all? These are exceptional times, and businesses need to take exceptionally creative measures to survive the coming months. Bread is here to help sustain you as you discard the saying “I’m fine” and adopt the refrain “I’m ready.” Call us. We can help.

Dr. Mumbower’s specialties include: Employee Development, Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Conflict, Infidelity, Affairs, & Divorce, Grief & Loss Counseling, Terminal Illness Diagnosis, Anticipatory Grief, Sudden Loss, Bereavement, Mourning, PTSD, Traumatic Events, Compassion Fatigue, Chronic Stress, Men’s Issues, Sexual Issues, Sex Addiction, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violence, Anger Management, Addiction, & Depression.