Who We Are:

BREAD is a different
approach to brand
and marketing.

…It’s in our name

To us, the word ‘bread’ represents life, and bearing that name means we strive everyday to be life-giving: through care and intention, we breathe life into every client, space, and experience we touch. We foster a culture of collaboration and connection that produces meaningful results. At the end of the day, businesses, organizations, families, and individuals thrive when they exist in unified, purpose-driven community. At our table, we make room for everyone, break bread together, and actively give life to telling powerful stories and creating a better community for all.


We do our best work when we do it together. At BREAD, we believe in letting each person’s individual strengths shine while supporting one another and rallying around our shared values:


Creativity goes beyond being ‘artsy’—it’s about critical thinking, unconventional problem solving, and a boundless curiosity for everything around us. We value creativity because it allows us to face complex issues with renewed resolve and make unparalleled moves for our clients and each other.


At BREAD, we long to see people come together around the table, share big ideas, and unify around common goals. In everything we do, we strive to create moments of meaningful connection amongst our team, our clients, and our communities.


Our team is competitive, particular, and obsessed with producing the best possible work and outcomes for the people we serve. We work every challenge we face until we get it right—not fine, not adequate, not ‘good enough’. Because our clients deserve excellence, and our teammates do, too.

“BREAD’s culture focuses on
never sacrificing the ultimate
in favor of the immediate.”

– Grace Kent Johnson, Founder