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Erin Burt

Senior Brand Developer

Erin Burt has been a team member of BREAD since 2017. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Burt graduated with a communications degree from Belhaven University and started her career working in the news media industry. Her artistic hobbies of styling, reading, drawing, and painting ignited a passion and propelled her to earn an additional degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, also from Belhaven University. Over her time with BREAD, Burt has fulfilled the roles of graphic designer, writer, presenter, and brand developer. Unhindered from limitation, Burt’s imaginative prowess permeates throughout every task or project she touches. “Life inspires life, and all things are connected. When I begin a discovery phase with a brand project, my focus centers around deeply listening to the client’s story. It’s there, within the story, that I begin to see creative spaces to explore and play conceptually, visually, and verbally.”

As the Senior Brand Developer at BREAD, Burt uses a robust methodology along with purposefully implemented brand elements specific to each project. She also channels her communications skills to build compelling brand narratives that expand beyond the brand department and are utilized throughout BREAD’s marketing team. Her past experience in multimedia-based fields, coupled with her unique and insightful creative process, makes Burt vital to the success of the brand team at BREAD. “Designing detailed, honest experiences is the most important thing to me because that touches people at their core – that’s what’s real, and it lasts. Partnering with our clients through authentic brand discovery and skillful, intentional brand building is an honor. It’s personal, and it matters.”