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Haley Ford Harrison

Director of Brand

A visual and verbal artist with a heart for people and a mind for business, Haley Ford Harrison directs and leads the brand team at BREAD. After graduating with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Southern Mississippi, Haley joined the BREAD team as a graphic designer in 2017 and quickly developed a love for building authentic brands and strategies that strengthen the businesses inside of them. Harrison’s natural curiosity and critical thinking skills complement her artistic design abilities. Because of this unique combination, Harrison has mastered various BREAD roles such as graphic designer, brand project manager, brand and marketing strategist, user interface designer, website analyst, writer, brand developer, and more. “It’s the thinking deeply that excites me. I love it when we engage with a project that needs solutions. Helping a client identify their purpose through our brand process is thrilling. But the real joy for me is stewarding their newly-found purpose into winning business protocols and systems, so that their brand can speak the right message to the people who really want to hear it.”

Today, Harrison is the Director of Brand, where she oversees the BREAD brand department and strategizes brand solutions for each client. She also actively directs and leads all brand creative across a variety of philosophical, visual, and digital platforms. Through her direction, BREAD’s brand team creates meaningful, connective brand experiences that our clients truly love. “At the end of the day, we want our clients to win. And here at BREAD, we believe winning starts with brand.”