“What does Bread do?” has become one of the most common questions we hear from clients and community members alike. “Are you graphic designers? Web developers? Marketers?” We often struggle to let people know exactly what goes on here at Bread because our goals are so expansive, and our team of experts is so diverse. Yes, we create beautiful, original logos and collateral you won’t find anywhere else. Yes, we build gorgeous websites with unmatched SEO capacity. Yes, we increase brand presence with smart digital storytelling. But, when you consider the core purpose of Bread, you will find that healthy, values-based organizations are at the heart of what we do.

Our founder, Grace Kent Johnson, summarizes Bread’s core purpose when she says, “I like to see businesses win, and the businesses that win are healthy businesses who know their stories, honor their values, and live from their purpose.” For Grace, successful businesses need solid branding, organizational health resources, and a strong digital presence. “So that’s what we do: branding, organizational health, and digital solutions…all to help businesses win.”

Unify by Bread, however, was not always such a multifaceted resource for businesses and communities. Our founder, who was formally trained as an architect, has always been fascinated with brand. After the Great Recession of 2008, Grace realized that she, along with many businesses, needed to adapt if she wanted to survive. She started a new career as a project manager for a branding agency, where she saw first-hand what solid branding can do for struggling organizations. “Businesses must think creatively, and they must stay true to their values. Otherwise, they get lost when the going gets rough. I love seeing a business, organization, or community, come together to identify its story,” Grace said. “I also love seeing a team of creatives be able to help tell that story.”

Grace began Creative Bread Studio in 2017, after years of working in branding and project management. Originally, her goal was to create beautiful brands for businesses and communities. “I had—and still have—an incredible team of graphic designers, all of whom work well together when it comes to creating brands,” Grace said. “As we took on more and more clients, though, I realized that businesses need more than brand to be successful. They need organizational health. They need powerful websites. They need digital storytelling. And whatever they needed, we were going to assemble a team that could give it to them.”

Sometimes, even branding agencies need to rebrand, which is why, in 2020, Creative Bread Studio became Unify by Bread. “We chose the word ‘unify’ because we cannot have community without unity. We want the businesses with whom we work to be unified, so they can go out into the community and do good,” Grace said. “The word ‘unify’ also signifies how our branding, organizational health, and digital solutions offerings all go hand-in-hand to create winning businesses.” Now, with a team of designers, web developers, organizational psychologists, project managers, and content writers, Unify by Bread has all hands on deck to help businesses win from the inside-out.

The most beautiful part of our story? It’s still being told. Where we see needs, we build solutions. We’re more than a branding agency; we’re your business’s turnkey resource for success.